Why start-ups needs corporate branding

Starting up a business involves so many things such as:

  • Time
  • Energy
  • Money etc.

It is really a struggle and you need strong determination to actualise it. You need to invest a countless number of hours fuelled by an electric mix of fear, anticipation, anxiety and excitement. Every start-up company should think of going live and start generating returns before they run out of seed capital.

Once they have a vision and marketing strategy, most companies go straight to launch their brand. Some of the things that top the list includes, but not limited to:

  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Logos
  • Social media and
  • Website design

Let us now take a comprehensive look at the word’ branding.’

What do we mean by brand?

It is simply the experience you deliver to your clients; it is the connection between the customer and the organisation, learning about the customer and understanding why they love your product more.

Knowing your real customers, and understanding what brings them to your product or services, will help you in setting up your brand’s visual identity.

Someone may ask why most start-ups fail? Here are some of the reasons:

Skip connection

Some entrepreneurs fail in their business idea even after creating their business awareness and identity.

The reason is not farfetched, they do not go ahead to ask for feedback from their clients or they simply ignore any negative feedback from their customers.

Some erroneously think that customers will surely love their products or services since they were the ll-packaged with the website, marketing and the right logo.


It is not ideal to launch your brand on the pretext that every customer will love it.

You are taking a risk by doing so- it is good to conduct market research, and know your target audience and what they would love.

If you fail to connect with your clients effectively, your start-up is doomed to fail.

Customer’s feedback will help you to improve brands, attempting to do so without first hearing from them will make you engage in activities clients won’t care about.

Most times, these start-ups run out of funds before they discover what was actually missing and that is called ‘brand experience’.

Brand identity shortcomings

Most entrepreneurs or small business owners don’t focus on brand experience; instead, their topmost priority is on brand awareness and identity.

Because of this, some of them will start promoting products or services that clients don’t really care about.

If your product or service is flawed, no amount of web design or logo can be able to outsmart it. Get your brand experience right.

How you will nail brand experience

Every entrepreneur should know this. It is very important.

Neither you the founder nor the company you hired to create your brand’s identity would be able to evaluate successfully your brand’s experience.

If you want to measure your brand experience, all you need to do is to conduct interviews with your ideal clients, request for their feedback.

These customer feedbacks will help you to enhance your brand rapidly.

Below are some essential brand experience questions you should ask your clients or customers today:

  • If for one reason or the other you were unable to use our products or services again, how would you feel? In this question, you want to find out if they would be unhappy if they are no longer able to see your products or services.
  • You need to find out why they would be unhappy and also the primary advantage they are gaining by using your products or services.
  • If your products or services are out of reach, what will they use as an alternative?
  • Use key questions to identify your passionate customers.
  • Ask them how they will recommend your products or services to their friends.
  • Ask them the type of person they feel would be interested in using your product.
  • Ask them how you can improve your products or services to meet their basic needs.


Get in touch with your customers now, and find out the best way to improve on your brand; let your customers give you suggestions. Develop a compelling brand today; it is far better than having just a product idea.

Below are core branding elements that will guarantee internal focus, external relevance, alignment and differentiation. They are:

  • Your brand essence – here tell your customers what you stand for.
  • Your defining values
  • Your target audience
  • Your key differentiators- what distinguishes you or makes you unique
  • Your overarching experience, and
  • Your lines (messaging), look and logo.

Brand your start-up organisation today, whether it is a small, medium or big organisation. You won’t regret doing so.

We hope this blog post was helpful to your concerns.

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