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Having spent a lot of time reflecting and learning from her personal experiences, our founder Priya Mishra has always dreamed of inspiring a positive change among listeners, across their lifestyles, organisations, actions, and mindsets. Every work that she does is evident of her goal towards bringing about a bigger change in society.

In her journey towards achieving the goal of inspiring the world, she bravely took every opportunity to share her ideas – she became a speaker, an author, ran several webinars and released regular podcasts and prosodies. But she’s not stopping there and this is why Corporality Talks is born.

Corporality Talks aims to become a shelter for all types of ideas that inspire positive change. It is a collection of approaches derived from lessons on past hardships, and success stories. Here, we translate academic concepts into easy-to-understand ideas that help CEOs, CMOs, stakeholders, and even individuals, so we can inspire a big change and shape the world – one idea at a time.

At Corporality Talks, we have podcasts, videos, conferences, and more – all aiming to shape individuals, businesses, organisations, communities, and nations.

Our mission is to provide a platform for ideas that can help bring forth positive change in businesses, societies, and even individuals. We welcome thoughts, ideas, and content from every industry, culture, and background. We are passionate about building a community of content creators that inspire and satisfy the curious mind.

We see a community freely sharing their ideas into the world and sparking meaningful changes in society.

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