Corporality Striker III : Outcome Expected with Omni Effect

So you have succeeded in creating an execution that achieves the multi-channel or Omni Effect. What could be the possible outcome, or the optimal results you should get? It is precisely for this moment that you should see how Inbound marketing can transform your business. Of course, even great outcomes can still be further improved. This Corporality Striker will show you how you can optimise your content from the outcomes you have built.

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Goal 1
Monitor your outcome for diminishing performance and loopholes to fix

Sometimes even a perfect plan starts looking not-so-perfect after some time, when actual visitors and customers start going through the buyer’s journey you crafted for them. Problems could range from the technical side or from the business side.

Keep your technical team ready to always be prompt in fixing issues such as unresponsive pages or site functions, as well as bugs that might pop up every now and then. Customers can get very irritable with even the simplest function failures, such as blank pages or slow data verification.

According to studies, 67% of customer churn could have been prevented if the issue was resolved on the first touch point or engagement, so don’t take error reports lightly.

Next, use social listening tools especially for posts or content hosted in social media networks, as they can provide rich data from visitors browsing your content. Using these tools, you can monitor if the posts are leading traffic into your main platform or around your supporting social pages, which will in turn could lead into purchases. Note these key performance indicators (KPIs) you can use:

  • Percentage of sales or revenue – The total sales or revenue you get once you have achieved the Omni Effect can help you measure how much you have improved versus your previous performance.
  • Social shares (paid and organic) – Shares on social media are a great metric on knowing how interested your target market is with your product, and can help you gauge in creating evangelists for your brand. Ideally, high organic shares mean your content is working the way they were designed to.
  • Total and per site traffic – Be observant on how your platforms perform as this can also indicate which avenue or channel you can focus more effort or resources on, especially if they get higher traffic. Higher traffic usually means more potential customers coming in.
  • Traffic-to-lead ratio – Of course not all visitors can become absolute believers. It is important to check if the traffic-to-lead ratio is high as you can also pick up from here if their Customer Experience (CX) or User Experience (UX) has been satisfactory.
  • Lead-to-customer ratio (or conversion rates) – One of the best indicators for website performance are conversion rates. When lead-to-customer ratio is high, it can mean that your content is compelling enough to convince people to purchase or buy-in to your idea.

From here, your next goal is to troubleshoot weak areas or focus on low-performing indicators above.

Goal 2
Adjust your outcome for shifting market needs and wants

Using data you gathered from your monitoring and social listening tools, you should strategically update your content to answer potential new questions from your customers.

Here are some techniques to boost your customer engagement and trust and keep your strategy’s outcome performing well:

  • New articles with new findings on previous topics – Your articles should ideally provide a backdrop that could be used to boost your product or service, and new information is always welcome even for topics that have been previously tackled.
  • Backlinks – Updating previous content with fresh new perspectives is also a great idea. Alternatively, including backlinks on new articles help maximise viewership on all content, educate your market better, and make the buyer’s journey more in-depth. It is a practice called link-building, and it can help to also improve your SEO score. Providing links to trusted sources or trusted sources linking to your site increases your “authority points” and makes you more appealing to customers.
  • Tag and meta description updates – The internet also runs on behind-the-scenes data such as tags and meta descriptions, which are also included in the parameters search engines and their bots crawl the web for. Updating your tags with newer or essential keywords also help SEO performance, as well as the potential to being searched through other means.

Taking into account this continuous process of improving your outcome, given the benefits of the Omni Effect, the advantages will cascade into all platforms where you applied the changes.

Finally, you can transition to the last goal of this Striker.

Goal 3
Refine your marketing communication for future improvements

Keeping your vision open to new approaches, methods, will also open your mind to upgrades you can make to your strategy. As such, improving your marketing communication would translate itself into also improving your products, services, and business direction.

Quality frameworks will provide you an avenue to further upgrade your knowledge base. In recent decades and in the 20th century, improvement models such as the Shewhart Cycle (known otherwise as Plan-Do-Check-Act) and Kaizen were widely used.

Corporality’s Strategic Strength program is a modern framework for the digital era and it enables you and your team to achieve better results with a holistic approach to improvement. It’s always a good idea to take a moment to view the landscape after reaching the peak of the mountain you’re climbing, and from there scan the horizon for the next peak to conquer.


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