Monitor Your Web Page While Sitting Back on Vacation: How Interestingly Reliable SEO Tools Can Be?

Holidays are coming. Who says business owners do not spend time for the holiday rush? Almost everyone is busy preparing their homes for a Christmas theme or practising for a group presentation to be performed in a company Christmas event. Others are out shopping for gift-giving, attending reunions and parties and travelling out of town or out of the country to celebrate the holiday with family. Christmas season sets itself as a break from everything we are up to spend memorable time with families and friends.  This is another timely blog as the Christmas season approaches. Business owners are naturally prompt. Some find the holidays as perfect timing to be watchful and grab available opportunities to earn when competitors are unable to accommodate clients during this happy time. At some point in our lives, we need a reality check to understand the value of non-monetary pleasures.  Life is too short of having little time to spend holidays with your growing kids. Every year we get a year older, being adventurous and travelling with loved ones marks a good memory. Going back to your parents’ house you will recall your childhood while talking to your wrinkly, wisdom-full parents. Everybody needs a breather. When we get home we play a different role, maybe a spouse or a son. Unwinding does not just apply during the Christmas break, there are long weekends due to national declarations and Sundays that are set to be a rest day or family day. Relaxation does not only mean rest it may also come like an activity like sports and exercise just to divert your attention to other things that are worthwhile. There is a smart way to joggle business and personal life, aside from having an organized calendar. With the many things that keep us occupied with our desire to accomplish things simultaneously, working smart is the best way to get efficient results. As experienced marketers, we are sharing this topic to business owners, aspiring business owners, marketers and those who are yet to decide in making Marketing as their niche. How interestingly reliable SEO tools can be in monitoring your web page while sitting back on vacation? With the advancement in technology, there are SEO tools developed to help monitor a page or a website’s status. Website crawlers are used to determine changes in rankings, drops or highs in traffic or any significant movement that will affect web page standing. Knowing your web page’s stats is vital to be aware of your web page’s search position. But knowing the causes for ending up with such a result is more practical to learn because there is still time to improve and make amends if any.  As they say, “prevention is better than cure”. Resolving small issues before the fire spreads out quickly is a good mindset. This strategy is plain and simple. By setting your notifications’ scheduling options you will be updated every now and then of what’s happening to your site. Instead of receiving monthly notifications, alerts can be set to hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly, etc. You can set your alert status depending on how complacent you are with your set up or how you have already grasped the trend. But receiving alerts as often will update your website’s technical aspect and its content.  Every business owner would want to have the best website serving the purpose it was created. By scheduling notifications, you are preventing your website to be unprepared when bots crawl. It shall prevent it from any negative results through identifying at an early stage what is wrong in the process. This setting is often overlooked; hence, this blog intends to stress the importance of scheduling notifications on any minor changes before major issues blow up. What tools do marketing strategists recommend for this? Content King, Deepcrawl and Little Warden are among the popular website crawlers used today. They do constant monitoring of web page for any changes to improve site performance and provide essential stats you need to know and work on. Monitoring your website manually is a tedious job. These tools make it easier for us, night and day, their reports are accurate, reliable and helpful to your business. You can mainly check the status of root page, 404 pages and Http; change name servers to MX records, Google analytics code; enable meta robots and robot.txt especially for large sites, detect good and bad configurations etc.  Remember that websites should be robot-friendly structured so your site’s pages will be readily read through by Google crawlers. Said tools audit your website to make necessary remedies ready for Google crawlers. Once notification is received and tends to be needing attention, an action can be made to resolve issues. You can do this even in the comfort of your home or as you sit back during a vacation. Alerts are received through email and can be incorporated into your project management system using Zapier or IFTTT for practicality. Through connecting it to your project management system, other members of the team may also be notified. If you do not have the time, anyone from your team can respond to it. It is also better to know relative information on how Google uses bots to crawl websites and why we should be on top of everything to make our website ready for Google crawlers. This process should not be overlooked and we shall discuss next. What is website crawling, and why make a big deal out of it? The very purpose of a website is for a company to become known as it promotes its products or services. Behind this purpose is the goal of every business to hit their sales target. In this world where almost everyone has internet access, it is so easy to find answers from Google. Google is the most prominent search engine in the world for several years now, with over 75% of the search market share. A website that is searchable or ranks high in Google search is critical to get high traffic and high conversion. Crawling is a process. It is a term used when Google randomly sends out crawlers to get copies of a web page’s content and are indexed.  The web may be compared to a huge library with no central file. With the many contents found on the internet, what Google does is that it sends bots or crawlers to browse and read all of a web page’s content to be indexed or registered to Google’s search listings.  When data is understood and analysed, they are then indexed along with other relevant information. When a search is made, Google identifies the most relevant answers in its listing and ranks them according to content. That is why the content’s usefulness and quality are very crucial. Using SEO tools make the process more efficient for marketers from identifying keywords to use for blogs up to monitoring its search position. When a website has good On-Page SEO and has a resonating digital presence that typically ranks high in the SERP, it achieves its goal to sales funnel. What particular part of your website do crawlers navigate? Crawlers navigate every part of your website, even the links connected to your site to discover new pages. However, essential pages such as home page, category and product pages should contain valuable content and be well organized. A web page’s Google ranking is a concrete indicator of how effectively it is doing well in the world of search engine. CONCLUSION SEO is an endless thought-provoking process that is why the role of SEO analysts, computer scientists and marketing strategists are important. It requires continuous learning and research since there is no exact formula ever published for it.  Any business owner and marketer should be innovative in making their marketing strategies effective. There are existing apps and tools that can help Marketers in search engine optimization. Each tool shall be reviewed to know what particular tool would be helpful to your website and of course how user-friendly it is. But no matter how good they are, strategies and applicable setup should be analysed by the user.  This blog explains that aside from the usual function of SEO tools, it is important to be notified of your website’s status. Scheduling of notifications and setting up of alerts as often as needed is important in properly monitoring your website and tracking its history of changes. This way, users are sent heads up to make necessary actions early on to prevent future major issues. Notifications are best to be incorporated into your Project Management System for efficiency. Suggested SEO tools good in reports are Content King, Deepcrawl and Little Warden. These tools audit your website. It helps how business owners want their website to be read by crawlers. Ultimately, content’s quality and usefulness are what bots send back to Google through indexing which is the main criterion to achieve high ranking. Was this article helpful to you?  There are a lot more ways Exante Digital can share to you.  Visit Exante Digital Eventbrite and meetup pages to join our free seminars. Learn what we can do for your company through our expert services.    

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