Major differences between a mobile app and mobile website

Your business would be more accessible to your clients if they can make purchases with their mobile devices. It is obvious that with your mobile app or mobile website, your business would be operating on another level. With a mobile app today, businesses can:

  • Expand their reach or target audience
  • Retain loyal customers, and
  • Boost sales

The one million dollar question remains: ‘what type of mobile presence is suitable for your business? Or should you go for both? Well, this blog post is not about whether it is good to have a mobile website or mobile app.

Two of them surely have their own advantages- in this post; we would be talking about the major differences between them.

To help you effectively, here are some differences between a mobile app and a mobile website and how they can help your business to grow:

Understanding the meaning of a mobile website

This is exclusively designed for touch-screen and smaller screens capabilities of tablets and smartphones. You can access it through any of the available mobile browsers. You simply type in the URL, and it will take you to the site.

What is the meaning of a mobile app?

This is a tablet or Smartphone application. Unlike a mobile website, you will need to download and install a mobile app, usually from an app marketplace like Android’s Google play store, or app store.

Advantages of a mobile website

It has some features of a conventional website such as:

  • Its look and feel
  • Images
  • Pages and other contents

However, when viewed on a tablet or Smartphone, it provides improved functionality and readability. With a mobile website, clients can have easy access to your website anytime, any day they wish without compromising the user experience in any way.

Advantages of a mobile app

Although it functions as a mobile website, in the case of a mobile app, users can download and install the app. With a mobile app, you can have more control of your business than you would have with a mobile website.

With a mobile app, you can deploy loyalty programs. Also, it is much easier to access a mobile app, than using a mobile website. All you need to do is to open a website browser and type in your URL details.

Features of the duo

A mobile website is not the same thing as a mobile app; although they provide the same features- they can help your business by making it possible for your clients to reach you. Some of them include:

One-click calling

Your clients can call your business by tapping your telephone number from your mobile website or mobile app. Your clients can get in touch with you by viewing your contact details section.


Your customers can locate your business with their devices GPS; they will get instant results when they do so.

Social sharing

With mobile apps and mobile websites, users can easily share contents, images, podcasts, and videos with their circle of friends and followers.

Mobile commerce

With mobile apps or mobile websites, you can take advantage of your email marketing campaigns and text-message marketing services.


In this blog post, we have talked about the differences and similarities between the two. It is easy to create a mobile website- all you need to do is to hire a website developer who will create one for you or they can convert any existing mobile website into a user-friendly one.

If you can build one for yourself, it would still be good. It is not a difficult process; it does not require much web design or programming skills.

Also, you can hire an app developer to build a user-friendly mobile app today for your business. You can never compare the benefits of having a mobile app with a mobile website- both are different.

Mobile apps are ten times better than mobile websites, which most of its features make use of JavaScript code. Technically, mobile websites are slower than mobile apps. If you want higher conversions, operational efficiency, greater personalization plus multiple exclusive features, then think of getting mobile apps.

There is no better time to get mobile apps for your business than now. For example, organisations that are using mobile apps like financial institutions, insurance firms, banks and media houses are having more traffic to their websites than those that don’t have such a feature.

Another fundamental difference is that the mobile app has both online and offline mode, while mobile websites will only require internet connectivity to work effectively. The beauty of a mobile app lies in its capacity to work offline. You will never regret developing or creating a mobile app for your business today. Take advantage of it to take your business to the next level of excellence!

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