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Today, a blueprint website is imperative for companies to make their presence known. This is more so for construction companies which are always amid a storm due to changing regulatory requirements or quickly-altering market scenarios. Over the last few years, and more recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the real estate and construction landscape to the extent that digital has overshadowed traditional marketing methods. Therefore, it is time for construction companies to leverage some of the best digital tools to attract new clients.

Besides managing social media, you should also look at maximising the potential of your website through website makers to offer the best experience to digital visitors through functionality, relevance and navigation. In addition, construction companies must ensure that websites are updated and upgraded periodically to capture all the leads that fall into your digital space. But how will you determine when you must revamp your website?
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While it is clear that websites are not make-it-once-and-forget-it propositions, here are some key indicators that construction companies can look for to determine that it is time for an overhaul.

Bounce rates

The percentage of visitors navigating away from the site after viewing only one page is referred to as a bounce rate. If the number is more than 70%, it means that visitors are not finding your website relevant or engaging. Look, feel, intuitiveness, navigation and appeal – all of them put together play a significant role in gathering the customer’s virtual attention.

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, pages that depict a clear value proposition tend to garner more attention, which otherwise leads to user drop-offs in about 10 to 20 seconds. Therefore, construction companies must optimise websites for user experience for gaining several minutes of engagement with high-quality and up-to-date graphics.

Non-responsive websites

Mobile-friendliness is pivotal to grab the attention of most people who are viewing information on mobile devices. According to Oberlo, in the United States alone, it was estimated that mobile internet traffic accounted for more than 56% of the total traffic on the internet. Therefore, mobile responsive designs are imperative to attract the attention of this vast population that relies on their hand-held devices for information. As a result, construction firms can connect with potential clients wherever they are. However, if you are not up-to-date with mobile responsiveness, then you risk losing many leads.

Website load times

Page load times are an integral part of the user experience. Many times, developers let this slide so that they can accommodate better aesthetics. But unfortunately, when functionality and speed are compromised, the user will only navigate away from your website, however visually stunning it might seem.

Even a page response delay of a second can result in a 7% reduction in conversions.

It only shows that the average user lacks patience if a page takes too long to load and tends to abandon it. This kind of rejection can hurt construction firms’ visibility, lead generation and conversion because clients invariably seek information elsewhere. Leaders can evaluate website performance quickly by using Google’s PageSpeed Insights.


Several things have changed over the years, including technology. HTML sites are nowhere now, and most websites are handled by Content Management Systems such as WordPress. Go a step further, and Drupal accounts for the latest in website creation technology. Construction companies must upgrade themselves to stay abreast with the latest in terms of technology and navigation to reflect newness. For instance, if your website is still asking visitors to download Adobe Flash to view a graphic, you are undoubtedly outdated. Make functionality a priority and improve navigation to engage the visitor.

Lack of contemporary lead generation tools

Websites exist for leads, and a decline in the number of leads only signals a need to revamp the website. Increase the effectiveness of your website to educate potential customers about your services and ongoing projects besides increasing the awareness of your brand. It is also the best way to build your firm’s customer base. Discard traditional lead generation tactics such as trade shows, outbound calling and emails, especially if they are not generating enough contacts. Construction firms must seriously consider website upgrades and revisit the website’s purpose to truly generate and nurture leads. Marketing and sales funnels will also get their fuel for marketing with this and other additions such as a CRM.
Integrate your website with a customer relationship management tool as part of your website redesign initiatives. Collect new customer information such as their email and generate leads while increasing conversions. Engage with customers directly and provide them with new product and service development updates. With this, you can solicit testimonials and reviews that can improve your online reputation.


Frequent glitches and downtimes make your website inaccessible to both prospective and existing customers. In addition, unplanned or unexpected downtimes signify that the website suffers from more profound issues that instantly affect company credibility. For construction companies, this could only lead to a loss of reputation.


Testimonials on your website can go a long way, especially in the form of word-of-mouth advertising. They act as validations of your services and boost your credibility. The company’s reputation is thus improved as you can leverage the digital word-of-mouth form to highlight the quality of your work and boost your bottom line.

Professional high-quality pictures

It is generally the least-spoken aspect of the construction website. However, look a little deeper, and you will realise the value of good HD pictures of your construction site on the website. Get a professional to take a picture of your ongoing or finished project.


Read the omens – for instance, if the lead count is down, then your website most certainly needs a revamp. Then, increase educational effectiveness for potential customers to improve brand awareness and build the firm’s database.

Construction leaders must determine when their websites have to be redesigned by consistently evaluating and monitoring the above factors. Corporality Global understands the need for a relevant and well-functioning blueprint website to maintain a solid online presence and fuel company growth. Reach out to us for a website blueprinttoday!

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