How Using an Emotional Hook in Your Marketing Campaign Can Boost Organic Traffic to Your Website

Generating more organic traffic to your site can be difficult at the best of times.

To generate more organic traffic to your site, your marketing campaigns must be targeted, effective and perform well.

Unfortunately, there is no perfect formula for creating successful posts or managing effective marketing campaigns.

There are thousands of tips, tricks and perfect formulas out there that promise to generate your business more traffic. However, most of them are ineffective and not worth your time and energy.

Fortunately, between 2013 and 2017, the team at Fractl, examined 759 different content marketing campaigns.

The data

Kerry Jones, Director of Marketing at Fractl, analysed the data from 759 campaigns between 2013 and 2017 to see which techniques lead to the most social shares and placements. This data, compared with a sample of 345 other marketing campaigns drew the conclusion, that content with a positive emotional impact had the highest rate of reposting and sharing.

3 Factors for creating a successful campaign

The research conducted by Fractl found that the most successful campaigns were:

    • Emotional
    • Surprising
    • Broadly Appealing

Marketing campaigns that featured content that was emotional, surprising or broadly appealing to audiences, were 70%, 76% and 96% more likely to receive placements and shares on social media than marketing campaigns that did not contain an emotional or surprising hook.

Campaigns which were broadly appealing or utilised an emotional or surprising hook received more than 100 placements on social media and over 20 000 social shares, compared with fewer than 20 placements and less than 1 000 social shares for marketing campaigns that did not use emotional or surprising hooks.

Make it Emotional

Using an emotional hook in your marketing campaign will increase the level of engagement and shares of your content, regardless of the type of campaign you are running.

Fractl’s research found that content that contained an emotional hook gained 70% more pickups by the media and 127% more social shares than campaigns that did not.


Credit: Neil Patel, “What 759 Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You About Link Building and Organic Traffic”. https://neilpatel.com/blog/content-marketing-campaigns/


Thus, the use of an emotional hook in your marketing campaign is highly effective in engaging consumers.


Perhaps the most effective way of hitting emotion is with imagery.

Images that evoke a reaction from viewers are more likely to become viral, even if they evoke reactions of hate, anger or disappointment.


Credit: Neil Patel, “What 759 Content Marketing Campaigns Can Teach You About Link Building and Organic Traffic”.


However, it is best to keep your campaign positive.

Positive emotional reactions will attract the right kind of attention when shared on social media, as people prefer to share what makes them feel happy.

Pairing contrasting emotions such as hope and sadness, will send your audience on an emotional rollercoaster and make your campaign truly memorable and relatable.

Emotion vs Logic

Research by Cox Blue, indicated that almost a third of marketers found that the use of emotion in a marketing campaign, was more effective than constructing a logical argument.

When logic was introduced into a marketing campaign, it was found that campaigns became up to 5% less effective in reaching their audience.

Therefore, marketers must be careful to balance the use of emotion and logic in campaigns.

Emotional Branding

Emotional branding is used by most major brands.

It appeals to status, youthfulness, or even the idea that a product may improve your quality of life.

Take Coca-Cola’s happiness campaign for example.


Credit: Coca-Cola, “Open Happiness Campaign”


The Coca-Cola “Open the Happy Can” campaign evokes the idea that your day will be happier if you drink a can of Coke.

Similarly, Vaseline’s Healing Project utilises an emotional hook to appeal to customers.


Credit: Vaseline, “The Vaseline Healing Project”


The Vaseline “Healing Project” campaign is designed to appeal to consumers through the notion that their dry skin issues will be resolved. Perhaps more so however, the 1 Vaseline purchase = 1 Donation evokes an emotional response from consumers who ultimately feel as if their purchase of a Vaseline product will not only benefit themselves, but someone else as well.

Overall, consumer feel as if they can relate and connect more with a brand that not only understands their needs, but also, their beliefs.

Research shows that ads that evoke an emotional response from customers, are more influential in encouraging consumers to buy a product, more so than the actual advertisement itself.


In order to boost organic traffic to your site, your marketing campaign must have some form of success.

Using an emotional hook in a marketing campaign is highly effective in gaining consumer attention in a positive way.

This will increase the likelihood of media placements and social media sharing of your content.

It is this increase in exposure that will boost organic traffic to your site.

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