Strategic Strength Networking By Corporality Global

Date: August 26, 2021

5:00 pm – 6:30 pm AEST

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    Nicholas Ashton

    Nicholas Ashton

    Nicholas Ashton is a telecommunications and renewable energy strategist who comes with over 15 years of experience and expertise. As a tactician for RFusion, a UK-based firm, he has played a significant role in facilitating innovation and implemented several energy saving options while also leading many energy programs. Regarded as one of the brilliant minds of RFUSION, he has spearheaded many energy-saving strategies using state-of-the-art equipment and technology that have been thoroughly tested and verified in the global market. Nicholas Ashton will be seen at Corporality Global’s event on Aug 26th, 2021

    Ian Hunt

    Ian Hunt

    Ian Hunt, CTO, RFUSION, comes with a background in electronic engineering and over 30 years of experience in telecommunications and biometric security. As a visionary engineer, he oversees the technical and engineering direction of the company while guiding the organisation towards the development of high-quality products that comply with international standards. Amidst a solid understanding of global power, its practices and applications, Ian comes with a track record of having set up and scaled several technology initiatives from the ground up. As a technology and business leader, Ian Hunt’s vast knowledge in power systems, structural engineering, design, and leadership facilitated the rapid growth of a promising company.

    Event sponsored by RFUSION



    • 5:00pm – 5:15pm Corporality Global Event Introduction
    • 5:15pm – 5:35pm Introduction to Speakers and Rfusion
    • 5.35pm – 5.45pm First Featured Presentation by RFUSION
    • 5.45pm – 6.05pm One minute introduction by each of the participants
    • 6.05pm – 6.15pm Second Featured Presentation by RFUSION
    • 6.15pm – 6.30pm Q & A Networking time
    • Note: It is essential to RSVP on the website so you could pitch your business to the group
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    • A professional welcome from the host
    • A very business oriented meeting with like-minded participants across the globe
    • A chance to speak for One Minute about your sales pitch to project your purpose of joining today
    • Before leaving try to grab at least 2 appointments to catch up after meeting
    • Learning to grow your business from different participants success stories.

    Preparation before joining:

    • Keep your sales pitch ready
    • Keep your all details ready to paste in group for people to reach you out if possible calendar
    • Maintain professionalism have a offer for the group
    • Zoom tool installed and take a note during presentation
    • Pay attention and stay till end of the meeting to get full benefit

    We look forward to seeing you there!

    About Meetup

    Monthly networking meetings for business owners and entrepreneurs. Bring your ideation with fearless creativity to explore strategic partnership and collaboration in business on a global platform. Grow your business by strategizing yourself and embracing the sales skills with other international business owners. It is strictly for people who are interested in revenue growth models and ready to listen to sales pitch. Building purely business relationships is crucial to grow in this community.

    Priya Mishra

    About Organiser

    Priya Mishra

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