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Developing a Content Strategy for a Better Buyer’s Journey.

Content Strategy for better Buyer Journey


When was the last time that you analysed your content strategy and the progression trend for your website? A month? A year? Have you ever? Marketing strategies by definition are dynamic and continually evolving. As a result, they require continual development and improvement over time. Developing a highly integrated and effective content strategy is vital to ensuring that each of your individual marketing objectives and strategies are fully developed and implemented to create a holistic content marketing strategy for your business. A strong content strategy is the best way to promote a consistent brand image and message across every marketing platform that is used by your business. Furthermore, when implemented effectively, your business will gain higher levels of visibility and lead conversion through consistent coverage. Learn to utilise your resources in the most efficient way possible and achieve your business’s long-term objectives and create a better buyer’s journey.  


This workshop will focus on developing your understanding of the key components of an effective content strategy and how to implement them in your business – How to effectively review your annual content strategy. – Develop a clear customer’s persona. – Learn how to build a buyer’s journey. – Investigate the marketing channels that are most effective for your business. – The best strategies for creating an effective content strategy.
Time: 09:00 AM - 01:00 PM
When: Monday, 24 Jun 2019
Venue: Suite 2/ Level 2, 396 High Street Penrith NSW 2750 AUSTRALIA
24 hrs prior
10:00 AM
Discussion topics include;
- Knowing your customer's persona
- The buyer's journey
- Creating a message
- Communicating with your customer
3:45 PM
Wrap up
3:50 PM
Questions and answers
4:00 PM

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