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Intended Maturity – Modelling and Methodology

It is a management method to create and used by Corporality to accelerate the rate of overall company growth. Businesses focused on Human to Human (not just B2B or B2C) can get the option to achieve their goals faster than their competitors. It expedites revenue growth by getting the functional strategies of corporate culture, sales & lead generation, marketing, and solutions fully aligned to the management team’s visionary growth strategy for the company.

Why Market Segmentation?

Marketing is virtual and digital in 2020 and beyond. That means it’s even harder to get in front of your prospects because the digital channels are more crowded than ever with competing messages. Revenue Marketing can shoulder more work in building the pipeline, but it also needs greater investment to contribute to profitable growth. Learn from the market leaders where to identify cross-functional savings, new efficiencies, and fresh innovations to fuel your marketing results and take share. Leave the market laggards to continue to just stare.

Corporate strategy service

Customer Success Strategy

Buyers have more power than ever, have lower switching costs, and are under increased pressure to demonstrate value. Most companies have adopted a Customer Success approach in order to proactively demonstrate value, increase renewals, and identify (and in some cases pursue) cross-sell and upsell opportunities. In a recessionary environment, retention is the new growth, and market leaders are leveraging their Customer Success teams to make the number from their existing customer base.

Corporate Strategy Service
Corporate strategy service

Sales Segmentation

Sales strategy defines how you will hit the growth objective by aligning resources to the top market opportunities and building a predictive system to consistently achieve your goals.

A successful sales strategy provides an operating plan for a company’s sales teams, to ensure execution of the revenue growth strategy. Leverage the plan to allocate resources in the most effective and/or efficient manner, so that teams can grow revenue from new and existing customers. The sales strategy optimizes the sales function to achieve revenue growth objectives consistently.

Corporate strategy service

Customer Experience (CX) Strategy

While frustrating and friction-filled customer experience still exists, no company sets out to deliver a poor customer experience. Over the past decade, many companies have undertaken customer experience initiatives and they regularly measure and monitor customer satisfaction scores, Net Promoter scores, and customer feedback. However, market leaders go a step further: they can directly connect customer experience – and the moments within a customer’s journey – to revenue growth. In short, market leaders have figured out how to monetize CX.