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Why Reputation Should Mean Everything to Law Firms

It ought to go without saying that the reputation of your business should mean everything to you. From reviews to feedback from clients, the perception of your firm is ultimately what will win (or lose) you clients.

With the fallout from the Royal Banking Commission slowly dying down, it is a good time to reflect on how important reputation truly is to service-based companies.

For law firms, word-of-mouth recommendations that are based on positive client experiences are the best kind of publicity that is available. Unfortunately, however, the reach of word-of-mouth publicity is almost impossible to gauge. So how can your firm replicate it?

Public Relations.

You could be forgiven for feeling as though PR is reserved solely for responding to bad publicity, especially after recent events. But the power of PR in proactively developing positive brand awareness should not be overlooked.

PR is all about creating a story that resonates with your target persona. A story that not only sells your service but one that creates a lasting impression with your audience.

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An effective PR strategy should reflect the key values and mission of your firm to build a strong and distinctive reputation.

But just like word-of-mouth publicity, public relations alone will rarely translate to new leads or clients alone.

In-Bound Marketing.

Utilising inbound marketing alongside PR can be an incredibly successful way to turn a good reputation into new business for your firm.

Research by HubSpot indicates that inbound marketing generates up to 3x more leads than traditional marketing techniques. Furthermore, it costs an average of 62% less per lead.

But how is that possible? Well, in-bound marketing is customer-centric, meaning that it focuses only on targeting individuals who would be interested in your firm’s service.

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Through non-invasive marketing techniques such as SEO, PPC and content marketing you can utilise your firm’s reputation to focus your marketing budget on your target persona.

As a result, this will create more effective marketing campaigns with higher engagement rates and a better return on investment for your company.

Furthermore, by utilising your own knowledge and expertise in your area of law to create relevant blog post content will further improve your brand’s position within the industry.

Through positioning your firm as thought-leaders you can create trust and lasting relationships with prospective clients.

Now, I understand that it may sound counterproductive to essentially give away free legal advice when you are trying your firm is trying to capture new clients.

But what many company’s fail to realise is that to use any of that legal advice they will have to employ the services of a solicitor or lawyer.

This means that not only are you building your firm’s reputation and creating brand awareness, but you are also helping to solidify your firm as the number 1 choice for your target persona during their buyer’s journey.

No matter how effective your PR campaign or content marketing strategy is, neither of these two strategies will translate into immediate returns on investment. Rather, they will form the basis of an integrated and strategic marketing strategy for your firm. The value of your company’s reputation can not be overstated, especially in a service orientated industry like the legal profession. Thus, investing in your reputation will undoubtedly benefit your law firm in the future.

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