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Why Consistency is the Key to Success in Business

When Harvey Mackay coined the phrase: “If you are persistent, you will get it. If you are consistent, you will keep it”, its relevance to the modern business world could not have been foreseen.
No successful business has ever been built overnight. It requires a strong marketing plan and a strategic focus. But most importantly, it requires consistency.
Consistency is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time”.
As a result, consistency in implementing a strategy or change in your business is critical to meeting the long-term goals of your business.
But how can you build consistency in your business?

These are our Top 5 Tips to improve consistency in your business.

1. Build your discipline
In a country like Australia where opening a business is relatively easy, many individuals will consider starting a business at some point during their lives. Few will actually pull the trigger and even less will be able to turn their vision into a successful and profitable business.
So, what separates successful entrepreneurs from the crowd?
The top characteristic that is shared by all successful entrepreneurs, is their ability to exercise control in all aspects of their lives and the management of their businesses.
In other words, they are control freaks.
Individuals who have the ability to exercise this level of discipline are naturally problem-solving orientated and usually, have an incredible work ethic.
Businesses are not built overnight, nor do they become successful by accident, meaning that you have to be prepared to work hard for your company’s success.

2. Knowing what you want… And going out to getting it
For a business to achieve long-term success and growth, a clear and strategic vision is vital.
Successful companies have short and long-term goals that can be easily communicated to team members. In doing so, you can create a clear path for your team, which will inspire new energy and a renewed focus every time that they reach a milestone along that path.
Furthermore, understanding the direction of your company will help you to prioritise the goals that are most important to your business and to comfortably say no to opportunities that don’t align with the vision of your business.

3. Do something that is meaningful
One of the most obvious, yet rarely followed pieces of advice that you will ever receive while running your business is that you should do something that means something to you.
As someone who has run their own business since they were 17, I can 100% say that it can be tough and gruelling at the best of times. But if you are passionate enough about the direction that your business is taking and what you are trying to build, you will enjoy the process so much more.
Running a successful business will mean long days (and even longer nights) so being truly passionate about what you are creating is imperative to achieving your long-term goals.

4. Patience
The proverbial phrase that “Patience is a virtue”, is one that divides many people. You either are patient… or you’re not. For many business owners, this is their downfall. They want success to happen overnight and when it doesn’t, they give up.
In Australia, almost 2 in every 3 new businesses fail in the first five years according to research conducted by the ABS. For many of these business owners, failing to plan and failing to recognise the time that it takes to get a business up and running are the top 2 contributors to their failure.
As a result, setting realistic and achievable goals for your business can help to negate the feeling of inaction that is experienced by so many entrepreneurs.

5. Follow a role model
I think you would have a hard time finding any successful business owner that will not admit to having at least 1 inspiring role model over the course of running their business.
Finding a mentor or a role model that will help maintain (or in many instances, regain) your perspective on your business is vital to maintaining an objective and strategic outlook for your company.


The road to success for business owners is rarely an easy and smoothly paved one.
It will require many long hours and you will often have very little to show for it in the short-term.
However, by retaining a strategic and objective outlook on your business through setting realistic goals, readjusting your perspective and most of all, having patience, your road to success as a business owner will be far more fulfilling and successful in the long run.

Your Key to SEO Success: VIDEO MARKETING
For the past decade, developments in technology and the emergence of social media have turned the rules of marketing upside-down.
With the attention span of consumers becoming increasingly shorter, the inability of businesses to engage with consumers in their buyer’s journey has become a massive problem for marketers.
But with these problems, have also come new channels and opportunities for businesses to exploit when trying to engage with their target market.
One of these new channels goes by the name of video marketing.


So, what is video marketing?
Video marketing (as the name suggests) is about using digital media forms to create engaging content that can be shared on the internet.
According to research by OzTam, Australian’s spend more than 30 minutes a day watching online video content.
Considering the length of most content produced by businesses, this provides a potentially massive audience for their video marketing content.

India is one country of particular interest when it comes to studying the time spent watching online videos.
In 2012, the average individual spent 2 minutes a day watching online video content in India. In 2018, that number had skyrocketed 52 minutes a day, and research by Zenith suggests that by 2019, that number will have reached 67 minutes a day.

screen time

These statistics just go to show the momentum that is behind video marketing and the untapped potential that the Australian market has yet to see.
So, what does that mean for your business?

Research by HubSpot found that over 80% of consumers remember at least 1 brand affiliated marketing video that they had watched in the last month. Furthermore, audiences prefer to share video content on social media sites more than blogs or even images.

This means thatconsumers actually want you to create meaningful video content that they can share with their social network.

And if your customer’s demands weren’t enough to convince you, websites that feature video content on their landing page, increase conversions by 80% and 90% of customers reported that they were influenced into purchasing a product through video marketing.

Video marketing presents brands with the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships and leave lasting impressions with their target customer. Furthermore, the increased engagement with your business’s social media pages and website will also help to organically boost your SEO results.

Video marketing content will enable your business to connect with your customer and leave a lasting impression during their buyer’s journey.

Consumers are more likely to share video content than any other type of brand-related content and as a result, this can organically improve your reach and SEO position.
Furthermore, video marketing is proven to generate more leads and achieve better conversion rates than written content.

So the real question now is when are you going to call Action! on video marketing for your business?

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