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How Powerful Writing Can Help Your Business

I’m going to start this chat with you by making certain assumptions.

Please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Here goes.

I’m assuming that:

  • You are involved in the business.
  • You are providing a service that exists either as some form of action or in a product that fulfills a need, or both.
  • You can successfully and consistently satisfy these needs.
  • You provide value.

People are willing to pay you for what you have to offer.

So far so good?


Now, let’s also assume that you’re very good at what you do and the value that you provide is top notch. Let’s assume that you have all your systems in place and that you’ve got your act together.

That’s great.

What more could you possibly want?

The usual answer to this question is “more”. Perhaps you want more efficiency, more effectiveness?

powerful Writing Is The Core of Powerful Communication

Efficiency and effectiveness often come down to the quality of communication. We’ve all experienced the consequences of lousy communication. A mislabelled item, a misheard instruction, a misinterpreted sign, a misunderstood procedure invariably leads not only to wasted time and money. At all reasonable costs, it would make sense to minimise pouring limited resources into correcting mistakes and dealing with damage control – mistakes that could have been avoided if the message had been clearer.
Did you ever hear the story of the $20 million dollar satellite that blew up on the launch pad because someone left out a single comma in the computer coding?
We’re talking about clarity here. Powerful writing is clear writing. It’s clear messaging. It’s clear thinking communicated cleanly. Writing doesn’t always have to be long-winded to be powerful. A “STOP” sign or a red light is a simple, strong message that does the job. But even though Powerful Writing in the sense of clear communication isn’t a guarantee of an error-free business, it can help you dodge a whole barrage of bullets and it can help you avoid having to clean up a lot of expensive shrapnel from the launchpad of your most recent venture.
But there are other “mores”.

You could always use more leads, more customers, more clients, and more business that will turn into more money. But getting more business usually involves marketing – particularly the part of writing that’s involved in the promotion.

Powerful Writing Is The Core of Powerful Promotion

The best possible product or service in the world provided by the most effective and efficient business system is absolutely useless if nobody knows about it. If they can’t find you, they won’t buy from you. The marketing mix is classically made up of price, product, place and promotion. But assuming that you have your price, product and place worked out, you still have to think about promotion because products and services don’t promote themselves. Promotion is all about telling the right people – the people you want to talk to – that you exist, that you have something that they want and that they can come to you to get it. Promotion is part science, such as analytics and other objective measures, but it’s also part art. Having a feel for how to talk to people, how to engage them in a conversation, is an art born of experience.

Writing is at the core of the Art of Promotion because it’s all about telling a story – an attractive, engaging story about you and what you do that will make people want to deal with you more than your competitors. This isn’t just about words on a page, it’s about choosing the right images and making the right noises through the right media. Powerful writing is about honing what you say and how you say it. It’s about clarity in the service of engagement. It’s about the conversation that turns into a win for everybody.

So this is another way that Powerful Writing can help your business. Sure, good writing will create a serviceable story, even if it is a little ho-hum. But Powerful Writing will turn an ordinary, ho-hum story into compelling narrative that people will want to be a part of – ensuring that every dollar you spend on promoting your business is a dollar well spent because not one word, not one sound or image you make will be wasted, especially in a world where more and more words, sounds and images are online.

Powerful Writing Is the Core of Content

The online world is where communication and promotion meet in the most influential way that people have ever devised. Never before have so many people been able to engage in so many conversations in so many different ways. We can now blog, vlog, podcast and comment to anyone who speaks our language.

We have a word that describes collectively all these words, sounds images and messages.

That word is “content”.

You might have heard that Content is King. But what does that phrase mean, exactly?
Online content lives in a dynamic environment – a whole ocean of voices. But like any ocean, there’s a lot of chaos too. How does your voice get heard in a world where potentially everyone can be their own newspaper, magazine, radio station and TV channel all rolled into one? What will make your voice heard above the ocean of noise? The usual answer is that the quality of your content will determine how much people will want to hear what you have to say, see what you have to offer and then feel engaged enough to comment on what you do.

It’s in the online world where Powerful Writing really comes into its own because Powerful Writing is the Core of Content. Powerful Writing determines Powerful Content.

  • What’s the point of having a great product or service if no one can find you? Powerful Writing is the difference between poor SEO and great SEO. Powerful Writing IS Powerful Content. Powerful Content rise to the top of The Ocean of Voices, so that when a prospective customer or client wants you, they WILL find you.
  • Powerful Writing IS Powerful Engagement. When your people find you, Powerful Writing will ensure that your people will engage with you.
  • Powerful Writing IS Powerful Traffic. When people find you Powerful Content will not only engage people but if they stay engaged and impressed, they’ll want to share the fun they’re having with you with their friends and with their professional network too.
  • Powerful Writing IS Powerful Value Adding. The best content doesn’t just sell you stuff, it gives you real information, real entertainment or both. It gives something of value for free. This might seem counter-intuitive because business is usually about giving value for money. But if you really look at Powerful Content, it’s exchanging “free” knowledge and entertainment for something else of real value – the totally justified perception that you provide service above and beyond and even that just all by itself puts you light-years in front of the competition.
  • Powerful Writing IS the Powerful Exchange of Ideas. Powerful Content is so engaging, that people can’t help but want to join in with comments, ideas and suggestions. You might think you’re “giving stuff away for free” but in return, you’re getting a network of participants who are giving you free feedback. Some you’ll be able to use, some you won’t – but who knows? Somewhere in all, that feedback might be the next billion-dollar idea.

What do you call someone who finds what they’re looking for, starts engaged, stays engaged, feels that they’re getting great value and who willingly gives up their time and energy to help you promote your business with enthusiastic feedback?

There’s a word for such people.

We call them fans.

Powerful Content is not only King, but it’s also Emperor – or Empress of a fanbase.

The Key to Powerful Writing

If Powerful Writing can help your business in so many ways to create an engaged community who are not only customers and clients, but fans, then why aren’t more businesses doing Powerful Writing? How is it that people who are highly-educated, experts in their fields and who are at the top of their business game in so many other ways aren’t leveraging the huge potential of Powerful Writing?

Well, Powerful Writing requires Power Writers – specialist wizards who know how to cast spells with effective, engaging arrangements of ideas delivered with the right mix of words, sounds and images. And the reality is that no matter how educated or expert you are, no matter how far at the top of your game you are, that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily a Power Writer.
Power Writers are as many experts in their field as you are in yours. You can invest the same number of years learning their art as you have to learn yours OR you can make things a lot easier for yourself if you find one of your own. The good news is that it’s easy to find a Power Writer, once you know what you’re looking for. A Power Writer’s value is obvious from their track record and their easily-demonstrated talent – a talent that gives measurable results. Find a Powerful Writer and their Power can be yours too.

Books are Boons

Let me leave you with some final thoughts. While many short messages can be very effective examples of Powerful Writing, the true potency of Powerful Writing is usually cumulative. This means either lots of repetition of the same simple message over a long time or a deep discussion about a specific topic, say, your specific area of business. Deep discussions, discussions of substance, are found in books. It follows then that one of the best ways to promote yourself as a thought leader and to promote your business is to publish a book about what you’re best at knowing and doing. Print – hard copy – with YOUR name on it instantly confers a certain level of prestige, credibility and authority that far surpasses that of any other medium. Even billionaires who are already hugely successful by any measure of business ignore the power of books at their own peril. It’s no surprise then that even the likes of Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Michael Dell, Bill Gates, George Soros, Sam Walton and Oprah Winfrey and have published books. Now, I’m going out on a limb here and say that they’re all very busy people and they all probably had a bit of help from a Power Writer, working invisibly in the background, or at the very least, a Power Editor.

You’ll always know when you’ve had a spell cast by a Power Writer because you’ll have learned something, you’ll have been entertained, and you’ll have read every word, right up to the end.

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