How a Construction Firm Can Generate Leads | Corporality Global

Increase your leads and simultaneously increase brand awareness. There are a lot of curious people out there. You only have to know where to look. The pandemic disrupted businesses and economies. But the good news is we have adjusted to digitization easily thanks to the world wide web that still keeps us connected. TWith the world slowly opening up to the new normal, lead generation is back on the ‘essential’ list. Construction businesses with the right perspective can now forge ahead and get things done.

There is no need to fret about lead generation

For companies fretting about garnering leads, there is no better time than now. Customers are highly tech-savvy and more so after the pandemic. It’s all about being visible in the marketplace and implementing the usual business development strategies. You must move away from traditional methods and embrace the digital in the new normal because that is where most of your customers lie. It is better still to gauge your customers’ personas thoroughly before you approach them with your proposal. Virtual communication and presence are more important than ever today. Make sure you are opening yourself up across all social media channels and are noticeable, in general, across the internet. Here is a case study that helped our client in the construction industry turn the tables on their lead generation programme.

Case Study:

Because of the developments in the digital world, reaching out to your customers and creating personalised content for them is now possible. However, it still takes a lot of work and expertise to succeed in doing so, especially if you’re new in this space. Not to mention, the competition online has grown fiercer. This is exactly the story of a construction firm that sought help from Corporality to help turn their website into a lead generation tool. Although their services and inclusions are commendable, they needed some lift to help market their offerings online. Corporality Global, specialises in sales and marketing, knew that each step online needs to be backed by data. So, we conducted an audit to evaluate the firm’s website and identify areas for improvement. Some things that we found:
  • Only a few pages of the construction firm’s website have text. Not only that, their content also lacks keywords that will help them increase visibility in the search engine results page.
  • Their page titles, meta descriptions, heading tags and image alt texts are also not optimised for searchability.
  • The construction firm’s sitemap and robot texts are not set up well.
To solve these challenges, Corporality Global developed a search engine optimisation strategy. We started by fixing the technical aspects in the website along with crafting high quality keyword-rich content. And to further boost the construction firm’s online presence, we created a comprehensive social media content strategy. The result? The client now gathers 1,300 users on average per month. They also have hundreds of followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. The result? The client now gathers 1,300 users on average per month. They also have hundreds of followers on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Corporality Global’ s team of marketing experts are always willing to help you.