10 Ways to become a successful branding consultant

Branding is not a new marketing concept – it has been there from time immemorial. The way you brand your products or services determines the way people perceive it. Some people have built amazing brands for themselves. In fact, your business ought to be bolstered by your own person’s brand. Every business is first of all built on excellent customer service and the vision the founder brings to it. The more you associate with your customers, the more you satisfy their needs, the more they will perceive you to be reliable and professional; the more they will be happy with your brands. If you want to build a successful personal branding, then you really need to humanise your business. Below are the top 10 ways you can happily build a quality brand:

Your image

Your clients or prospective leads should have a good perception of you when they come to your website; it builds trust and customer loyalty. Most customers may tend to think that you are not serious when they come to your website, but couldn’t see your personal photo; some may be tempted to think that they are dealing with a faceless scam. This is a turn off for most clients. Your personal photo should be displayed on the pages of your website today.

Create a blog today

The importance of a blog to your business can never be overemphasised. If you cannot write a blog for your business, then think of hiring an expert writer to do it for you. Your website should have a blog section, where you publish posts that captures your humility, humour and personality. Having a good blog has the potential of connecting more with your customers.

Social media

As a branding consultant, you should not neglect the power of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. All these are great ways you can reach your potential clients and also shine your branding personality. You can build authority in your chosen field by sharing articles you think are important or recommending products or services that are in line with your passion. Through social media, you can encourage your friends or followers to voice their questions, concerns or inquiries and then you should also respond to them. Personal branding also entails the way you connect with your clients, employees and followers on social media.

Videos and podcasts

It is inexpensive, easy and highly convenient to set up short video podcasts and blog posts, whereby you will share your experiences or opinions on anything via camera or interviewing other customers or experts. Within the last few years, many people have used videos and podcasts to build a lucrative brand for themselves, many are currently doing it. So, if you can optimize this today, you would be happy you did.

Writing a book

Authorship or book writing is one of the great ways you can build a successful brand for yourself. Book writing helps you to voice out your concerns or beliefs about any subject. Also, make sure you spice the book with rich anecdotes, quotable quotes and connecting stories – all these will make the reader be deeply interested in you.

Your daily activities

Personal branding concerns your day-to-day activities with the outside world – the way you conduct your business; the way you dress, the way you speak to your clients and/ or employees, the way you communicate about your organisation. When you are communicating about your business or personality, you really need to be transparent, real and vulnerable (find good ways to inspire people about your little beginning, your successes and/ or failures) etc.

Managing your customer service

This is a big aspect of your personal brand- you need to do this by training your employees with the latest knowledge and skills of customer service. As a branding consultant, ensure you communicate your message clearly to them. This will help your team to be effective at all times.

Engaging in conventional media advertising

Although social media is very good as we have mentioned above, you shouldn’t also neglect to advertise the products in traditional media like radio, television, newspapers and magazines. You can happily promote your brands in these ways.

Let people write about your products or services

As a brand consultant, occasionally you should hire people to write about the things you do or say; after writing about you, you can share it with a wide range of blogs and authority sites. This promotional content writing is enough to connect you to clients that might be interested in the things you do.

Take a course on branding today

Becoming a branding consultant can truly be a rewarding experience. Taking a course or attending training on branding can open doors to a wide range of opportunities for you. In fact, taking a branding course can equip you with immediate actionable steps that would help you to become a better consultant, and above all a better person!

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